Global Defense Cream

Vitalizing day cream with global protection against light-induced skin aging. It supports vitalization of mature skin and improves the moisture supply of the skin. Use GLOBAL DEFENSE CREAM for a fresh, youthful looking skin.

50 ml

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Directions for use: Apply mornings to face, neck and cleavage after cleansing routine.

Effective ingredients:

Elix-IR™: protects skin from photoaging
Vitamin A: smoothing effect on the skin
Hyaluronic Acid: replenishes the skin’s moisture content
Vitamin E: antioxidative ingredient
UVA/UVB filters: protect against UV rays


Especially infrared rays (IR-A) play an essential role in terms of skin protection and skin aging. Infrared radiation accounts for 45% of the solar spectrum and has the strongest ability to penetrate into the skin. The consequences of infrared radiation are the reduction of collagen in the skin and premature, increased skin aging. UV filters only are not suffi cient for protecting the skin. The skin needs additional protection against damage caused by infrared rays.

The GLOBAL DEFENSE CREAM provides such unique protection.